Upgrade and reconstruction of the sewage system in

November 2011. - July 2012.

Nikšić, Montenegro.

Alpine Bau Gmbh, Podgorica.

Between November 2011th and July 2012th "Condor Company" conducted a project "Upgrade and reconstruction of the sewage system in Niksic". We have constructed around 14km of the main sewage pipe line (Ø500, Ø400, Ø300, Ø250) and around 2km of the secondary pipe network (Ø200). Aside from this, as part of this system we built 3 water stations. This project’s main challenge was working in the city center (conjunction of the old and new pipe lines) and returning the city’s roads into their original shape (around 16000m² of asphalt construction, of which 6000m² were conjoint with AB construction).