About us

"Condor company" was founded in 1992, in Derventa, and its headquarters were moved to Budva in 2010. "Condor company" is registered in the Commercial court of Podgorica under the number 5-0564182/003 and activity code 4120 and since December 27th 2011 it holds a license (No 01-608/2) for conducting construction work on architectural objects, interior architecture constructions and interior design constructions.

The firm mainly focuses on conducting construction work. With its work on business and residential buildings, sewage systems and hydro-technical objects, "Condor company" has become a firm which can live up to the demands of modern construction with its quality, new technologies and trained workers. Having successfully conducted projects within the European bank program, for the company "Alpine Bau GMPH DSD Podogorica" our firm has become recognized in the construction market of the Republic of Montenegro.

The company’s employees include engineers, technicians, economists, geometers, reinforcers, carpenters and assistant workers.